Ballistic Performance

Delivers front and rear protection V50 +>1200m/s when worn with NP Aerospace LWB III+ IC06 body armour. Provides higher level protection when worn with 4030 ELITE EOD Blast plate

Design Flexibility

Lightweight, ergonomic construction provides maximum manoeuvrability and extended wear. Seams resist ruptures and blasts and a Nomex® outer layer provides water resistance and fire protection.

Blast Tested

Blast testing against the NIJ 0117.01 Public Safety Bomb Suit Standard ensures survivability and pressure reduction. Suits also undergo impact attenuation and electronic and environmental testing.

Proven Worldwide

NP Aerospace is a lead supplier of EOD Suits to world leading defence organisations including the UK MOD.

Integrated Systems

MOLLE webbing enables additional equipment to be added. Spine protection and cooling systems are available.

AC914 IEDD Helmet and Visor

Ballistic helmet provides high level blast protection (1kg C4 at 1.35m). IEDD and CBRN visor options available.