Ballistic and Blast Performance

Certified to NIJ 0117.01 requirements, delivering class leading protection at low weight.

Optimum Manoeuvrability

A patented, articulated breastplate provides maximum manoeuvrability including bending and crouching. Seams resist ruptures and blasts and a Nomex® outer layer provides water resistance and fire protection. A patented Quick Release System enables the suit to be removed in less than 30 seconds.

Enhanced Survivability

Blast testing against NIJ 0117.01 ensures optimum survivability and pressure reduction. Suits also undergo impact attenuation and environmental testing. High protection across the torso and neck ensures blast forces are deflected and fragments are absorbed.

Ergonomic Design

Easy access trouser zips enable faster donning and doffing wearing boots. Load spreading shoulder strap system and waist cummerbund improves user comfort.

Emergency Extraction

Drag rescue system enables rapid emergency extraction and high visibility markers allow first responders to gain immediate entry to critical areas of the body.

System Integration

Flexibility is offered for operators and procurement teams as the base suit allows for easy customization and interoperability with additional systems and electronics (comms, lights, cooling etc.). Spine protection and fan assisted vent systems are included as standard.

Advanced EOD Helmet

An ergonomic EOD helmet offers high protection and a wide field of view, with an active demisting visor to improve situational awareness.